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The Westin Tokyo Renewal Open

While staying loyal to the almost 30 years of history and tradition, The Westin Tokyo held its renovation with the objective of providing guests with an even richer and more comfortable environment for a luxurious and sophisticated hotel experience.

Being the first large-scale renovation since The Westin Tokyo opening back in 1994, it is the hotel’s desire to keep in mind and cherish the values and tradition of the property while looking forward to the future and evolve as it approaches its 30th anniversary. With this renewal open, the hotel is aiming to be an "Urban Wellness Hotel" that offers an unrivalled stay to each and every one of the distinct customers.

The design of this renovation was created by Nomura Kogeisha’s A.N.D. , which has worked with hotels and luxury brands both domestically and internationally. While inheriting the already present authentic Western style, elements of the original scenery of Ebisu have been incorporated to grant a brand new “Modern Heritage” style to The Westin Tokyo.

The motif was inspired by the original landscape of Ebisu, characterized by the abundance of water and greenery and the beer factory that once produced the symbolic flavor of Ebisu. Using these watery and leafy landscapes and incorporating elements inspired by the transitions of the history of Ebisu, the memories of the city are freshly brought to life providing all guests with an environment filled with comfort and novelty. Discover your best self in this unparalleled stay experience where the old and the new are perfectly combined in harmony in the rebirth of this sophisticated environment.

International Restaurant The Terrace

Embodying more than ever before the principles of Eat Well and well-being The Westin Tokyo holds dearly, The Terrace has been reborn as a place where guests can experience the evolution of this “Urban Wellness Hotel”.

Lobby Lounge The Lounge

The lounge greets the hotel’s guests with an atrium supported by magnificent marble columns that have been one of the symbols of The Westin Tokyo since its opening.

Guest Rooms

All guest rooms, including deluxe, executive, presidential, imperial and all other suites have been renovated. The overall design concept of bringing the classical environment and the natural scenery of Ebisu has also been implemented in The Westin Tokyo’s guest rooms and suites.

Westin Club

Westin Club, available to guests staying at suites and the Westin Club floor, has been relocated from the 17th floor to the top floor where they can enjoy Tokyo’s breathtaking views. Westin Club offers breakfast, tea-time and evening cocktails according to the time alongside a relaxing and functional space.

Sky Bar Escalier

A bar that lurks way above in the sky of Ebisu. The breathtaking night view of Tokyo spreads before guests’ eyes in this beautifully illuminated environment.

Pastry Boutique Patisserie by The Westin Tokyo

The pastry boutique that was formerly attached to The Terrace has now re-opened as an independent store surrounded by glass walls and iron lattices.