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The newly renovated lobby lounge is set under a 10-meter high soaring open atrium featuring majestic marble columns and spacious seating making it the best rendezvous spot in the hotel.

Inspired by the design of an orangery, the new interior draws guests closer to The Westin Garden where you can enjoy the exquisite scenery from the oversized panoramic windows showing the beauty of the changing seasons.
The central art piece "Cascade" designed by Sawada Design symbolizes the pristine waterfall from the original Ebisu landscape elegantly descending into the lounge space. 
Savor our new Dessert Ensemble plate or the ever-popular afternoon tea set featuring premium TWG teas for an elevated experience. 

Westin Hydrangea Garden Cocktail & Drink

6.6 (Thu) - 7.7 (Sun)

Commemorating the 30th anniversary of The Westin Tokyo, a stunning "Hydrangea Garden" has been created within the Westin Garden. 

This brand new garden uses 16 different types of Hydrangeas generously provided by the Hasedera Temple in Kamakura, which is widely known as a famous Hydrangea spot.

In order to celebrate this occasion, two Hydrangea inspired looking drinks, "Hana Shizuku" and "Karen" have been created to match the mood of the garden.

Treat yourself to a gorgeous looking drink as you immerse yourself and admire the new side of The Westin Garden.

・Hana Shizuku: 2,300 JPY *Alcoholic (left)
・Karen: 1,800 JPY *Non-alcohoic (right)


Nespresso Iced Latte

5.28 (Tue) - 7.31 (Wed)

Two enticing brand new iced lattes have been prepared in special collaboration with Nespresso for The Lounge: "Iced Salted Caramel Latte" and "Iced Vanilla Late".

Add a refreshing and sophisticated touch to your summer with these new concoctions available for a limited time only.

Price: 1,800 JPY each

*"Pink Layer Latte" will be available during the same period at Sky bar "Escalier" on the 22nd floor of the hotel

Afternoon Tea

Cheese Afternoon Tea

7.6 (Sat) - 8.31 (Sat)

*Weekends & Holidays only *Reservation needed

Delight your palate with the wonders of cheese in this brand new afternoon tea.

Crafted using Cream cheese, Camembert, Ricotta, Gorgonzola and other carefully selected types of cheese, gorgeous looking delights are artfully presented in a 3 tier stand.

Starting with the elegant vanilla-scented "Vanilla Bourbon Tea Latte", over 20 different types of drinks such as mocktails and a selection of TWG teas perfectly complement this mesmerizing collection of desserts.

Take your afternoon tea to the next level and savor the luxurious side of cheese accompanied by the picturesque views of The Westin Garden.

Price: 8,000 JPY

Dessert Ensemble

Matcha Dessert Ensemble

5.1(Wed)- 6.28(Fri)

Treat yourself to this Matcha dessert ensemble that brings you a refreshing taste this early summer.

Gracefully arranged on a single plate, we have prepared a gorgeous line-up of delicacies that feature a heavenly combination of Matcha and citrus fruits. In addition, desserts from our Japanese Restaurant "Mai" such as "Matcha Agar Jelly" and "Mineoka Tofu with Matcha Honey" will also be offered to grant this luxurious ensemble the perfect Japanese touch.

Pair all of these creations with one drink to choose from coffee, café au lait and a selection of TWG tea.

Price: 4,300 JPY

Afternoon Tea

Matcha Afternoon Tea

5.3 (Fri) - 6.30 (Sun)

*Weekends & Holidays only    *Reservation needed

Revel in the joys of this Matcha afternoon tea that promises to bring you all the freshness of early summer.

Artfully crafted with a harmony of Matcha and citrus fruits, delights such as "Matcha Montblanc with Lemon Cream" and "Thyme Scented Matcha and Yuzu Tart" are gracefully arranged in a 3 tier stand.

This opulent collection of desserts is complemented with a wide variety of drinks that perfectly match the delicate taste of Matcha. Starting with a "Honey Chamomile" tea, brand new non-alcoholic cocktails and a selection of 8 different types of TWG teas available in an all-you-can-drink style will be served.

Let yourself be pampered in the splendor of Matcha alongside the lush greenery of the Westin Garden.

Price: 8,000 JPY


Westin Selection Craft Gin Tonic

5.1(Wed)- 7.31(Wed)

Crafted using a base of Juniper Berry from the "AKAYANE Craft Spirits" and expertly blended with a selection of over 10 types of botanical spirits, enjoy 3 types of original gin & tonics exclusive to The Lounge:

A deep flavor featuring a harmonious combination of botanical spirits such as Japanese pepper and ginger.

A gorgeous concoction characterized by the use of citrus botanicals such as lemon and kaffir lime.

A refreshing flavor using spices such as cinnamon, yuzu, cardamom and citrus botanicals.

Spend a luxurious and refreshing time surrounded in the summer colors of The Westin Garden.

Price: 2,300 JPY each